Therapeutic support for children, adolescents and their families.

Tatton Psychology understands the complexity of the relationship between children and their families. Dr. Becky Quicke, our Clinical Director, provides expert independent and confidential support to help children, young people and their families build positive futures.

Becky will work alongside you and your child to understand the problems you are both facing.  She will assess the best way to support your individual challenges and has experience in overcoming issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Social anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Generalised anxiety/worry
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Parent-child attachment difficulties
  • Family relationship difficulties
  • Behavioural difficulties

If your child or adolescent feels suicidal, is self-harming or has a significant eating problem they will need support from a range of health professionals and are best helped in statutory services.

If you are concerned about an immediate risk to a child or young person, please attend your local accident and emergency department.  If there is no immediate risk but this decribes your child, arrange to see your GP who can urgently refer you onto the most appropriate service.

Therapy Sessions

At the end of your first session, Becky will offer advice and will talk through if there is a need for follow up sessions. For example, Becky may suggest 3 therapy sessions followed by a review therapy session. This pattern is sometimes repeated depending on the needs of your child or adolescent.

We follow a collaborative approach which means Becky doesn’t see children or young people in isolation.  As well as meeting with you, as parent/s, she will sometimes speak to teachers and other individuals who are important in addressing the challenges your child or adolescent is facing.

Therapy sessions are arranged by appointment and held at the Affinity Centre in Wilmslow on Saturday mornings.

Tatton Psychology is registered with BUPA Health Care and AXA Insurance.  When you initially contact us please confirm if you plan to claim insurance with either of these providers.

Full Credentials

Tatton Psychology delivers an expert bespoke service which embraces the uniqueness of every child and family, and interweaves individual needs with evidence based psychological knowledge and clinical experience.

Click here for further information about Tatton Psychology and access to Dr. Quicke’s full credentials.

Free Consultation

We recognise every child, young person and family are unique so it is important to be sure Dr. Becky Quicke will be the best person to support you.

Contact us to arrange an initial free 20 minute confidential telephone conversation with Becky to discuss the individual challenges your child, adolescent and family are facing.