Expert witness services for legal professionals, agencies and family courts.

Dr. Becky Quicke is a HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist who provides expert witness services for legal professionals, agencies and in family courts across the North West of England judicial circuit.

Areas of expertise include:legal-icons

  • Attachment
  • Psychological assessments of children and adolescents
  • The impact of early trauma, abuse and neglect on psychological development
  • Multi sibling groups
  • Contact needs and arrangements
  • Placement needs
  • Placement provision and matching
  • Family relationships
  • Parenting capacity and ability to change
  • Parent potential to engage with services

Dr. Quicke has completed the full program of Expert Witness training in the British Psychological Society and has:

  • Over 10 years providing specialist assessments of looked after and adopted children and families in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and Social Care services in Manchester, Salford and Staffordshire
  • Led on the provision of Clinical Psychology assessment and therapeutic provision in fostering and residential services
  • Extensive experience in contributing to the care planning process
  • Worked in a jointly commissioned NHS and Local Authority Multi Dimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC) service in assessing parenting capacity, sibling relationships and child-parent relationships
  • Worked intensively with families to help rehabilitate young people to the care of their birth family

Dr. Quicke pays particular attention to the engagement of children and families to provide the courts with accurate and valid independent assessment information.

Expert Witness Assessments

Tatton Psychology provide timely, detailed estimates of costs and charge legal aid rates for child psychological assessments. We have rooms available in Wilmslow and Knutsford, Cheshire or can arrange assessments in suitable venues across the North West locality.

Full Credentials

Full details of Dr. Quicke’s credentials are available for download.

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